Bashing zio-Lies


Antony C. SUTTON

The Best Enemy Money Can Buy
<pdf> 158 p.

Volume 2 of the Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews was published this last summer. (Both volumes are now avalable on and other outlets online):
The Secret Relationship… vol.2 Book Review (<pdf> 3 p.)

We have also a sample of this new bookWe expect these 14 pages to evince new wailings in Brooklyn and elsewhere.

Mollah Omar speaks
(on the phone) with a US diplomat (22 August 1998)
4 p. 250K in dari translated in americanese.

Declassified State document. Mollah Omar speaks on the phone with a US diplomat in Pakistan (in 1998). He warns that blind bombings by US Air Force are likely to propel opposition. He also asks for evidence on Bin Laden whom he knows as a nice guy. Twelve years later, the situation is the same; if they want to negociate, the Americans would rather give answers to those questions, and to some others. The Wikileaks documents should provide a legal basis for putting on trial a number of high-ranking US advisers and military officiers. Hopefully, some of them should be hanged at those few remaining lamp-posts in the ruins of Kabul, thus providing a just follow-up to the acclaimed Nurnberg Trials…

Dr. Abraham MYERSON

The Terrible Jews
By One of Them
Boston, 1922, Jewish Advocate Publishing Co, 72 p. <pdf>
The author was a neurologist in Boston. He thinks what he writes is “funny”.