Linguistic adventures: the Flight & the ‘Gender’


It was a fair day.

From my window seat I could easily spot the leading edge of the right wing and the intakes of engine 3 and 4.

Earphones plugged in, seat reclined, I was lazingly glancing at the main screen where an american comedy was taking place.

I already had my lunch along with a shot of red wine. Air cond off or well addressed off my body, I could even rest, silently praising the deaf buzz relentlessly offered by the remaining passengers.

The 1st class cabin was comfortable and well served by a discreet amount of personnel. The service was just a notch below the excellence. Yet enough indeed for a teen on his third trip to the US.

We had flown up to Northern England, then turned lefthand to move across the ocean. Newfoundland in sight! Time to go Southwards.

My relax was suddenly broken by the…

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Jeff Beck Rock Guitarist Great Innovator & Non-SellOut of Yardbirds & JeffBeckGroup, BB&A Turns 72 Today!


by Cowboy

Eric Clapton said Jeff Beck never sold out & Compromised for the money & fame like he himself admits he was guilty of at times!

With his Superband Beck, Bogart & Appice:

Jeff Beck playing screaming lead guitar with Rolling in 2012 Doing his 1972 Song “Going Down”!

Jeff Group “I’m Losing You” Rod Singing 1967

“Blues Deluxe” A very hardcore deep down & dirty hurt blues song by Jeff Beck in 68 with Rod Stewart singing…

Jeff Beck Group 1969 “You Shook Me”

& Keep in Mind:

3 Main Bands Led Zep copied/stole from Jeff Beck, Yard Birds & Faces/Small Faces

On Joining the Yardbirds:

Beck Touring with Stevie Ray Vaugh Sometime before he died…

Jeff & Stevie Ray Doing “Jeff’s Boogie”

Beck & Vaughn “Going Down” 1989 Same year Vaughn died… or did he???

Jeff Beck Group

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Cosby Anonymous Mos­sad Character Assass­in Dottye “Busted” Williams & Lavett! Al­iases DOD, DHS, Army, Aurora Crisis ActW­hore Studios Proof! Playwright & Author Too– is this Jew!


by Cowboy

There is Ugly & then there is Dottye UG­LY!!


These hideous Fraud­ster Ziotrash Jewess­’s Twitter as Dottye Williams where I fi­rat found it’s last name:­m/profile_images/190­5002881/twitter_phot­o_400x400.jpg


Mossad Agent Ziotra­sh Pig Gloria Alred & Hideous Tranny Cre­ature Anonymous Dott­ye …Who I an reveali­ng now as Dottye Wil­liams of Washington DC!


From Radaris:
Dorothea M Williams­~62
Washington, DC
Known as:

D Marietta Williams
Dorothea Marietta Williams Dottye M Wil­liams
Dotty Williams

Related to:

Shannon N Williams, ~76A Williams
Jordan A Williams, 46
Albert J Williams, 96
Emerson A Williams
Herbert Williams
Steven Hollers, 37
Fannie B Williams
Shannon C Williams, 43
Phillip J Williams, 60
Shane B Williams, 45

More Aliases from Radaris from her Dort­hea Williams alias in DC & LA & MD
Dorothea L Williams­~59
Washington, DC

Known as:
Swann L Deorothea
Doretha L Williams
Dorothea Lavett
Dorothea Lavette Wi­lliams
Dorothea L Swann
Dorothy L…

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Robert Blake played the Last Quickie Pope! He even Said He had Big Important Last Role To Play as An Actor Before He did it!


by Cowboy…


I was really hoping Robert Blake would jump up & strangle this POS Ziotrash Sleazebag Piers Morganthal A-Hole! Man That would have been great! LOL

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Beach Boys Leader Brian Wilson Musical Recording Genius Turns 75 Today- Pet Sounds, Surfin USA & Documentary & More


by Cowboy

Calfornia Girls:

Good Vibrations 1967

Help Me Rhonda 1965

Al Jardin their Rythym Guitarist sings lead in this song but they all sing in most of their songs to one extent or another since harmony is a very big part of their talent.. But Mike Love or Brian Wilson sing lead in the greatest numbers of their songs.

FUN, Fun, Fun around 61?

Like Alot of the songs about a car, a Thunderbird & a pretty girl driving it breaking her Daddies rules & about to get it taken away… but having fun, fun fun until her daddy takes her T-bird away! lol

Good Vibrations at 1985 Live Aid Concert in Philadeliphia PA (& London) Simulcast on Radio & TV Worldwide!

Wouldn’t it be Nice at 85 Live Aid
I He was his brother Carl here since he looked thinner & Carl looked…

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Ziotrash Jew Run Youtube Bans Videos & Threatens Channels For Exposing Zionist TrannyFag Agendas & Pedophilia & Talmudic/Tranny-god Baphomet Sewage & More


by Cowboy

They also allow paid trolls to flag your videos, troll & threaten you & violate their own youtube guidlines to push & defend various zionist jew perverted agendas & coverup their criminality & hate & hoaxes & PsyOps! All the while violating their own rules by punishing truthers who violate none of their own written rules!

Despicable, dishonorable, horrible ziojew Youtube violating their own rules by without cause removing Jewrassic Liars own comments from his own channel, giving him strikes & blocking his links to his no channel so his subscribers can’t find his new channel! The ziotrash as usual never obey even their own rules & always play dirty tricks to push their evil agendas & not allow exposure of it and opposition!

Ziotrash Jew Shills Claiming Copyright Infringement to cencor & stop HowISeeTheWorld from exposing Sandy Hook Crooks!

You have to keep trying…

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London Towering Inferno Smoking Gun!! Tower Demolition Application Filed in 2014 Found on GovtWebsite & Files! Lucky Lowy Lowlife Will MakeOut Like A Bandit on PsyOp!


by Cowboy

It will be this zionist psychopath scoundrel Lowy who will get massive UK govt Subsidies & cheap loans to redevelop this site! & It was planned all along! If you think this mobster Lowlife Lucky Lowy just happened to get knighted by the Queen at the same time this Tower was burning next to his mall & other buildings than your head is as dumb as a bucket of steel bolts! These Talmudist freaks get off leaving you messages & codes that they were behind specific terror attacks & PsyOps!

Smoking Gun of Preplanned PsyOp London Towering Inferno & Demolition App Filed 3 years Earlier!

Lucky Frank Lowy the Lowlife Zio Mobster will get $$$ to redevelop it! Watch!

Ex3) London AntiMuslim Van Attack ActWhore Cindy VANzella Supposed Witness Admits She Did Not Even See It Happened! So Why Is She A Witness??? LMAO

Also why…

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