This is where your Tax Dollars go – Hollow-Hoax

To Truth

In any way, shape or form. Yet if you asked them about it, they will always revert back to asking a question, in reply to a question as they have no answers. Like:

  • Do you deny the Holocaust?

They cannot describe what it is with any documentation or evidence of any kind, and so they have to answer that question with a question.

  • Are you saying the “Death Camps” never existed?

As they cannot show any evidence of them being anything but “Labor Camps” They cannot show Gas Chambers or proven numbers of people being shot in camps in any way coming even close to the “6 Million Acclaimed Number”, and so again they can only answer a question with a question.

In return, (being forced to do so) you are required to ask them a question on their evidence. Short of calling you a “Poopie-Head”, they revert to “Anti Semite”, just before they run quickly from the room.

Yet overall, is this where your Tax Dollars should go?

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