CNN Fires Corresspondent Jeffery Lord For Sieg Heil Hitler Salute – Not Allowed in ZOG Amerika Unless you are Left Wing or Ziotrash! Obey Goyim!


CNN Corresspondent Jeffery Lord Fired For Seig Heil Hitler Salute

Now in ZOG Amerika & any liberal, jewish, zionist communist, homosexual, leftwing group at anytime can call people NAZI’s & do Hitler salute & shout Sieg Heil or carry signs with Swastikas on them etc.. But ever increasingly in ZOG Amerika & worldwide when any conservative, Libertarian, Christian, Muslim antizionist rightwing, alt- media, truther, etc.., does it that makes him a thought criminal, a (beyond) free speech criminal! Even if he is not agreeing with NAZI-ism or whatever in any way! LOL & As a matter of fact if you are an ADL paid fake NAZI cartoon character & you want to dress up as a NAZI & be a Boogey man claiming to want to put Jews in Holocaust holohoax ovens then the ADL’s sister group ACLU will defend you & hire you the best jewish lawyers!

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