North Lake College TX Shooting Buffoon Crisis ActWhores Can’t Stop Laughing!


By Cowboy

2Dead May3 & Shot for Dual 33° Code & 322 Skull & Bones Code & 777 Watch these idiotic Laughing terrible DHS Crisis ActWhores!

Shooter 21 for 777 code Victim dead girl 20 for a 2 & 2 dead & of 3 shot for 322 Skull & Bones Number. 2 Dead of 3 shot on May 3 ’17 for a dual 33 code…

What this jerky lying terrible Crisis Actor smile & laugh @ 4sec mark & then again @44 second mark! He just can’t control his duping delight! See the Fat Hispinic girl (Cop Wanna’be laughing again after him!

Ridiculous Purple Flower Child Picture of fake dead Crisis Actor VicSim Jeneera Gonzalez:…

Students Marching Around Orderly With Hands & Cell Phones In Air DHS/FEMA Drill Style!…

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