Some Pics Of Fake Murdered In Freezer Shannon Graves are of Shannon Surrena Tied to Italian Jew SabastianRucci Palms Hotel Pimp, Talent Agent, Photographer, Sleaze!


By Cowboy

Both These Girls are 28 or 29 & Connected to this sleazebag. He I believe pimps out attractive young women & promises them acting & modeling & singing jobs, etc. Probably one was given Shannon first name to confuse her with the other.

A CIA, Mossad trick I keep mentioning. You have multiple agents who look similiar & can use same aliases & be interchanged at times.

This one seems to have 5 children by different fathers! I think he pimps them out throughout Ohio & Pennsylvania & occassionally gets them model or acting jobs like with DHS as Crisis Actwhores!

RucciSebastian Sebastian’s wife List Rucci as a jewess as they come!

She look just like a member of the Maurice- Michael Greenberg clan!

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