Beautiful Woman Dead In Freezer PsyOp Crisis ActWhore Found Alive!


By Me Cowboy!

Shannon Graves Alive From Grave As Shannon Clark!! 100% Proof! This is a Brand New PsyOp! It’s a Dummer than Dumb ZioHollweirdo DHS Script! But I busted it instantly!

Actually it took me several hours. Supposedly this beautiful brunette’s hideous looking boyfriend Marrano Moron Arturo Novoa killed her & put her in a Freezer so he could be with Butt-Ugly homely Katrina Layton!

Sure He did! Ziotrash Buffoonery at it’s most ridiculous & non sensical! Official ZioMedia Pic of ([Not] Dead In Freezer) Shannon Graves of Youngstown:…

Real Shannon Graves Clark of Youngstown & Poland Ohio! Yes Clark is just her married Name!

Fake Dead Crisis Actwhore Fraudster Shannon Graves Clark with mother Christine aka Rita Graves…

Her parents Rita & John Graves Always ActWhoring Themselves! Always playing dress-up!…

Scroll down to about the 10th Picture & see Crisis ActWhores mom & daughter…

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