Ziotrash DHS Hollywood Fla AT&T Tire Shooter Fake White ActWhore Jorge Jove Aka Jew RobertBlandford of KY, FL, NY etc, Busted Ziotrash Jews! TreasonCrisis Actwhores!


By Cowboy

His wife Diane Jove & Gove & Jobe has proven aliases as Diane Blanford & Blandford & He has aliases as Jorge Gove & Goye (As In Goyim) & as Robert Blandford & Blanford! These pieces of human garbage will do anything to steal th American peoples’ Guns! And it looks like the wife Diane is also yet another despicable fake American Indian Reservation ZioScamming Mobster who also is using the name Diane Lightfoot in NY State & New Mexico (& who knows where else) to scam & rob Indians on Reservation like so many ziotrash jews do! As Robert Blandford of KY & FL: http://ak-cache.legacy.net//legacy/images/cobrands/tributes/… As Jorge Jove– The Tire Shooting Crisis ActWhore! Same clown as the fake dead Robert Blandford guy above! http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2017/07/20/06/4281AC2B0000057… Robert Blanford aka Blandford shares several same city addresses with Jorge Joves in Hollywood FL, Hallandale FL & Ky, & shares the same…

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