Ziopuppet Lunatic Admiral Says He’d Nuke China if Hoax Prez Trump Says To!! Says He must Obey Prez! Wrong! Obey In War Declared By Congress! You Idiot! & Then Only If Congress Obeys Constitution!


by Cowboy

The Congress is Supreme Over the President & the Constitution & Bill of Rights are Supreme over the Congress! For example if Congress declares War on the People, or orders Gun Confiscation which is in violation of the Bill of Rights, Then Soldiers & officers & law enforcement & All Americans are obligated to disobey & even oppose these orders & Treasonous actions with arms when necessary!

You are a piece $h#t treasonous ziotrash puppet deserving of immediate tar & feathering followed by immediate dismissal! Scott Swift! Swift my @$$! You are as Swift as a Bucket of Bolts you filthy zio pig puppet!


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