Minneapolis Fake Killer Muslim Cop PsyOp Script Flipped- Woman Slapped Car So Cop Executed Her! Not! Pure ZioHollywoodHoax!


by Cowboy

Yes that ridiculous new twist changes everything!!!??? NOT!!! Still a Ziotrash Media & ZioDHS Hoax! Still stupid! Still a Crisis Actwhore! And she never got shot nor died!


See this earlier Post & discoveries of these Crisis Actwhores I made!



Great Video on Minnesota Killer Cop of Ausssie Woman & Great stuff on 911 Twin Towers..


Now do this A-Holes Look like a real family of a woman killeed by a cop?? No! No Dumb Goyim! They look like cartoon buffoon character from a Fake retro 1970’s movie, made now-a-days!


This fake Father of Fake dead Yoga teacher has sctipted lines faker & less sincere than a Slick Willie Clinton speech!


Does this homoerotic faggy supposed grieving father & son scene look real??? No! Hell No Dumb Goyim! This is a mossadomite Crisis ActWhore & his young fag lover fellow actwhore! They…

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