Johnny Winter Plays Bad@$$ Blues, Soul & Rock & Roll At Woodstock 1969! 1hr&15mn set -> 6th Longest @Festival & Genius Brother Edgar Winter Played Too! Entire WS Set!


by Cowboy

Check out all these vids & pics. Really cool stuff!

@ his Woodstock Show @ 46 Min mark he introduces his mult-instumentalist Rock Genius Brother Edgar with a Psychodelic/Funk Blues Song!

1984 Interview of Johnny Winter & How he got started playing guitar & sing the Blues & Rock in his Home town of Beaumont Texas.

Johnny & Edgar Winter first performance in Beaumont Texas at around 9 & 6 years old They entered a talent contest and sang at a Radio Station & won the contest & $73! Great interview & great pictures! Watch it!

Very Unexpected! In 1976 Johnny & Edgar Winter Did Righteous Brothers “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” & it’s a great version too! & Apparently they did this one as little kids too! lol

Edgar Winter Woodstock Quote:…

Richie Havens on Woodstock:…

Johnny & Jimi Jamming in…

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