Ziotrash DHS San Bernardino Hoax 2015 Shooting Revisited Buffoon Keystone Cops & Happy Hoax DHS Crisis ActWhores Mega Staged Pics!


By Cowboy



Look at this stupid Tattooed Cop Buffoon in the Staged Picture! What is this idiot pointing his Gun at??? Nothing! ZioTheatrics PsyOp Tricks BullCrappery!


Fireman/ Paramedics look on as Crisis Make Up Artist apply Crisis Makeup & fake wounds!


Fireman with blue vest switching places in this staged picture!


2 Buffoon Crisis ActWhore Cops point guns at house in staged pictures as 2 other cops are bored! Notice staged coded House number 1679 16 +79 is 95 aka 9+5 is 14 aka 77 Order out of chaos!


2 More Idiot Clown Cops pointing their mini Automatic rifles at nothing!


Color coded “Treat ‘Em In The Street” Drill Setup Ridiculous in the middle of the street! With lots of Ben Nye Style Blood & Gore Hollywood Makeup Boxes!



Same heavy woman who sits on box as an assistant director on…

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