Fake Band Nirvana & Kurt Cobain Stole Songs Like Boston’s “More Than A Feeling” & Admitted It & Mocked Fans & Theft& Other Bands & Faked Death When Lawsuit Was Announced!


by Cowboy

They appear to be the most theiving of songs & most over rated band of all time. They Lipsynced their own performances often!

This slimely jack@$$ is still alive and has another band!

Here these bums start out with “More Than A Feeling”, before their own song, which is the song they stole the whole drumline, riffs, chorus & pauses & everything from!


Openly mocking their idiot fans!


Real, Legendary Band Boston & More Than A Feeling Mashup with Fake Disgraceful Fraud Band Nirvana to show how clearly & completely stolen the “big hit song” Teen Spirit” really was:


Their other hit Come As You Are where they stole the bassline/ riff not just intro but it was used throughout the song. They Stole it from Killing Joke’s “Eighties”, clearly, absolutely then the slimebag Kurt Cobaine fake his death & Killing Joke dropped the lawsuit…

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