Minneapolis Killer Black Somali Muslim Cop Is A Hoax- Fake Dead Justine Damond Is Tracey Damon & Don Damond Is Mystic NeuroBrain ZioScammer ZioJew DrJoe Dispenza!


by Cowboy

Joe Dispenza may have been born Donald Damon & uses Damond & Joe Dispenza as ZioScam Actwhore Aliases ZioScam Identities Most of his relatives go as Damon not Damond

Fake Dead Justine Rusczczyk Damond goes as Sarah Damond, Sarah Hild & Tracey Damon


Dr Joe Dispenza aka Don Damond aka Don Daman


As Grieving Fiancee /Husband Don Diamond


Speaking as Don Damond


Speaking As Mystic Guru Self proclaimed Brain Scientist
Joe Dispenza:


As-Tracey Damon (younger pic) aka Justine Damond aka Justine Ruszczyk aka Sarah Damond aka Sarah Hild aka Sarah Dispenza


As Sarah Hild:


As Justine Damond


From radaris where I discovered her connection to Dr Joe Dispenza as Justine Ruszczyk:

Justine Ruszczyk

Has lived in: East Syracuse, NYRainier, WA

Related to: Thomas Ruszczyk

Work:Encephalon LLC / Dr Joe Dispenza

Yes he may have had botox & hair surgery & minor…

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