ActorNot Buzz Aldrin Scams Money toFake Send People To Mars &Gives ZioJew Bezos Award- HeSays: “We Can Have Trillions Of People In (fake) Space!” No We Can’t! No One Has Been To Moon & Never Will!


by Cowboy

This fraudster Freemason ziopuppet bum has raised almost $200,000 so far! No telling how much this fraudster zionist jew Bezos has raised & or what his real name is even!

No one has ever even been to the moon as proven by the fake pics made in white hilly powdery sand & dirt obviously in Rosewell New Mexico & the Giant Hanger Filming Stage there just like those in Hollywood & Studio City California! We Never Went to Moon & Never Will Go To Mars!

Also you can look at the high resolution pics of the cheesy fake moon lander in fake space & on earth & see it is an unsealed riveted thin sheet metal, tin can, hunk of junk! & The Moon rover can’t come anywhere near fitting inside the Moon Lander! And it is merely an altered gasoline Jeep CJ based dune buggy as proven…

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