66 Coded Mamou, LA Actor Music Blugrass/Blues Musican-Washboard Player Paul Lafleur Plays (Race War) Fake Killer Cop of Mamou LA! Same Beady Eyed Jew! Total Busted Proof!


by Cowboy

So again the Killer Cop Paul Lafleur is from Mamou & Looks exactly like Musician actor Paul Lafleur of Mamou! hmmm??? LMAO
This is just a small town population 3200 & shrinking! LOL!

By Special Request of some Italian guy named Rudolf thousands of miles away…
Paul Lafleur Fake Killer Kop Khazar Busted!


18 & 48 is 66! 66 is dual 33° code!

27 Yr Old Murdered DeJaun 999 CODE aka upside down 666

21 Year Old Attempted Murderer of Cop Charged Girlfriend for 777 code

(Kentucky Bluegrass/Blues Band) Dopsey Dwayne & the Zedeco Hellraisers with Washboard Player Paul Lafleur of Mamou, LA who plays fake killer cop Paul Lafleur of Mamou!!! same Atcwhore/ Musician same Zio Jew!


Actor Bluegrass Washboard Player Paul Lafleur Is fake Cop Crisis Actor Paul Lafleur!


As Zionist RaceWar Agenda Eeevile Murderer Cop Paul Lafleur!


Yes The Same Beady…

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