Texas Truther Boldly Confronts Ex Dallas Ex-Police Chief Fraud & Fake Shot Cop & Freemasons &ZioJews & CBS Reporter On Hoax Dallas 2016 ShootOut! Pure Guts, Pure Balls!


by Cowboy

Pure Balls!! Courage Truth! This is how you do it! Get in the face of these lying Sacks of ZioPuppet Treasonous $h#t & get them on camera! He’s ruining the 1 year Anniversary of the Dallas Sniper ShootOut PsyOp! LOL!


Truther YouTuber Dana W interviews Dallas CBS Reporter Ken Molestina at public event honor cops & such.. You can see it in his eyes that this reporter knows it is a PsyOp & that he will get Rick Sanchez-ed if he admits it!


Truther Dana W Confronts Lying Crisis ActWhore Traitor Dallas Cop who claims he was shot– but was not! Watch this Lying Smirky Jerky Cop!


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