Kh(azar))uRam Butt Faggified Fake Terrorist ActWhore London Bridge PsyOp#2 Was In ’16 TV Show “The Jihadis Next Door”! Busted!


by Cowboy

So Ya’ Know He’s ZioJew Mossadomite! Hear me fellow Goyim???

& He Had a Butt buddy named Khurah Shazed(Shaved) Butt!! Yes Subliminally Shazed Butt is Shaved Butt! Kh(azar) Ura Shaved Butt! ZioHollywood Perverted Faggotry in Fake names in the script!

& Script crosses Koran with ram in “Khuram” & Middle name & last together “Shahzad Butt” is subliminally like “Shows that Butt”! Pure ziofaggotry scripting!

You just can’t make this sh#t up! But the ziotrash jew criminals can!

From the CNN ZioMedia Story:

[Khuram ShahzadButt appeared in a 2016 Channel 4 documentary called “The Jihadis Next Door” … Khurah ShazedButt, left, and Rached Redouane have been named as two of the London attackers by the Metropolitan police. … I am not surprised thatKhuram Buttcarried]…

“Jihadis Next Door” 2016
Documentary??? Or Ziotrash Mockumentary & Predictive Programming of Upcoming PsyOp??!! Yep! Programming the goyim whites for ‘inevitable’ terror &…

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