Ziotrash Crypto Jew Lloyd Webber Shameless Song Thief/Plagiarist Calls English Theater “Hideously White Revealing” his fangs & hatred of Goyim & Whites!


by Cowboy

Yet this hypocrite Bloodsucking Vampire Racist Supremist jew makes no effort at his own massive Theater Empire to hire minorities or lower the extreme dispurportionate amount of Jews working at his theaters! …Oh & he is as hideous as they come inside & outside!


Here’s some of his song/musical thievery!


From Babylonian Talmud:
“All the property of the Goyim belongs to Us, the jews.”

Filthy Ziotrash Jewish Supremist Andrew Lloyd Webber Flashes the sign of his Tranny Fag Goat Head god Baphomet!


So racist supremist jew Zionist Lloyd Webber claims theaters are hideously white yet his plays exclude blacks & are dispurportunately Jewish by many times their numbers in the general population! Maybe this racist zio Jew should replace some of his over represented Jewish actors in his plays with Blacks, asians & hispanics & whoever! Since he pretends to care!


Ziotrash Andrew Lloyd…

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