New St Louis RaceWar PsyOp Black Cop Shot By White Cop After 2 Cops Recognized him! After Fake Cop Chase & ShootOut! @42sec Drill Dummy On Ground! LMAO!


by Cowboy

44,66&77,666 &Dual 33Coded PsyOp!

You just can’t get more ridiculous than this hoax/ ZioPsyOpTricks ZioTheatrics ZioHollywood RaceWar script! Cop Chase Car has no bullet holes, no glass on ground! White Cop shoots black cop after 2 cops already have recognize him & more cops are on scene next to them! lmao! And the white Dummy on the ground with mannequinn arm really takes the cake!!! Also Idiot ZioPuppet Buffoon mayor screws her script up & says she is happy the black cop was shot! I lost that video but I will post it later when I find it.

This is exact excerpt from WP Story from June 27, today, below:

(The off-duty black officer, 38 years old and an 11-year veteran of the force, was at home when he heard shots and sirens from the chase of a stolen car by members of an anti-crime task force. He grabbed…

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