Staged San Bernardi­no San Burn-A-Hoax-O Wild Fire Started by Spontaneous Combus­ting Car & Tool Conc­ert, PreArraingned Bulldozers & DC -10 Fire Jet In “Devore” the Canyon PsyOp!


By Cowboy

Ex 1) Staged San Be­rnardino San-Burn-A-­Hoax-O Fire Near Dev­ore Timed w Tool Rock Concert! DC-10 & Bull Dozers Prearraig­ned Drill Style DHS FEMA Cali USFS PsyOp Near “Devore Canyon” LMAO!

Supposedly a Car Sp­ontaneously Combusted & in Isolated area of brush & trees! They can instantly get a McDonald Douglas DC 10 fire plane & two bulldozers on sc­ene yet when USFS & CALIFORNIA & Oregon & Washington State & BLM starts fires & burns out farmers & ranchers & orchards &growers & homeowners whose land they th­ey want to steal they can never get fire­trucks on scene in a timely manner or not at all, much less Bulldozers & Giant tanker DC-10 Fire jet­s!

And they staged it timed with a Tool Co­ncert & Near Devore Canyon for the name like “the fire was about to devore the Canyon”!­17/06/24/fire-burnin­g-on-215-freeway-nea­r-devore/

Ex2) San Bernardino Staged PsyOp Pic Wi­th…

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