Linguistic adventures: the Flight & the ‘Gender’


It was a fair day.

From my window seat I could easily spot the leading edge of the right wing and the intakes of engine 3 and 4.

Earphones plugged in, seat reclined, I was lazingly glancing at the main screen where an american comedy was taking place.

I already had my lunch along with a shot of red wine. Air cond off or well addressed off my body, I could even rest, silently praising the deaf buzz relentlessly offered by the remaining passengers.

The 1st class cabin was comfortable and well served by a discreet amount of personnel. The service was just a notch below the excellence. Yet enough indeed for a teen on his third trip to the US.

We had flown up to Northern England, then turned lefthand to move across the ocean. Newfoundland in sight! Time to go Southwards.

My relax was suddenly broken by the…

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