Jeff Beck Rock Guitarist Great Innovator & Non-SellOut of Yardbirds & JeffBeckGroup, BB&A Turns 72 Today!


by Cowboy

Eric Clapton said Jeff Beck never sold out & Compromised for the money & fame like he himself admits he was guilty of at times!

With his Superband Beck, Bogart & Appice:

Jeff Beck playing screaming lead guitar with Rolling in 2012 Doing his 1972 Song “Going Down”!

Jeff Group “I’m Losing You” Rod Singing 1967

“Blues Deluxe” A very hardcore deep down & dirty hurt blues song by Jeff Beck in 68 with Rod Stewart singing…

Jeff Beck Group 1969 “You Shook Me”

& Keep in Mind:

3 Main Bands Led Zep copied/stole from Jeff Beck, Yard Birds & Faces/Small Faces

On Joining the Yardbirds:

Beck Touring with Stevie Ray Vaugh Sometime before he died…

Jeff & Stevie Ray Doing “Jeff’s Boogie”

Beck & Vaughn “Going Down” 1989 Same year Vaughn died… or did he???

Jeff Beck Group

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