Ziotrash Jew Run Youtube Bans Videos & Threatens Channels For Exposing Zionist TrannyFag Agendas & Pedophilia & Talmudic/Tranny-god Baphomet Sewage & More


by Cowboy


They also allow paid trolls to flag your videos, troll & threaten you & violate their own youtube guidlines to push & defend various zionist jew perverted agendas & coverup their criminality & hate & hoaxes & PsyOps! All the while violating their own rules by punishing truthers who violate none of their own written rules!

Despicable, dishonorable, horrible ziojew Youtube violating their own rules by without cause removing Jewrassic Liars own comments from his own channel, giving him strikes & blocking his links to his no channel so his subscribers can’t find his new channel! The ziotrash as usual never obey even their own rules & always play dirty tricks to push their evil agendas & not allow exposure of it and opposition!


Ziotrash Jew Shills Claiming Copyright Infringement to cencor & stop HowISeeTheWorld from exposing Sandy Hook Crooks!


You have to keep trying…

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