Beach Boys Leader Brian Wilson Musical Recording Genius Turns 75 Today- Pet Sounds, Surfin USA & Documentary & More


by Cowboy

Calfornia Girls:

Good Vibrations 1967

Help Me Rhonda 1965

Al Jardin their Rythym Guitarist sings lead in this song but they all sing in most of their songs to one extent or another since harmony is a very big part of their talent.. But Mike Love or Brian Wilson sing lead in the greatest numbers of their songs.

FUN, Fun, Fun around 61?

Like Alot of the songs about a car, a Thunderbird & a pretty girl driving it breaking her Daddies rules & about to get it taken away… but having fun, fun fun until her daddy takes her T-bird away! lol

Good Vibrations at 1985 Live Aid Concert in Philadeliphia PA (& London) Simulcast on Radio & TV Worldwide!

Wouldn’t it be Nice at 85 Live Aid
I He was his brother Carl here since he looked thinner & Carl looked…

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