Ziotrash JDL aka Jew Troll Gabriel Issues Me, Cowboy, New Death Threats For Insulting His Tribe- He’ll Send JDL Mossadomites to murder me, I offer ‘Em Free Lead Bullet Holocaust! Lol! (Self Defense, Fact, Not Threat!)


by Cowboy & Rudolf

JDL (Jewish Defense League)
aka (Jewish D#ck L#ckers) is ADL’s assasination Terrorist arm.. Ofcourse In this case it’s a tranny fag obsessed zionist jew troll named Gabriel who posts fraudulent comments daily under real posters’ names on No Disinfo website & disinfo & perverted fag comments under numerous troll names as well & occasionally as Gabriel. His a cowardly little ziotrash jew whose comments often reveal he’s a tranny obsessed fag & cares only about fags jews & Israel & has hate & contempt for all races & nationalities except jews & Israelis! He usually issues death threats every couple months to me & or Dr K, & Occasionally to Rudolf I guess.

So after I made a couple posts about Cosby defeating the Zionist jews atleast temporarily & completely, clearly expressing it being strictly a Zionist Jew operation he post his death threats. Here is…

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