ZioJew PsyOp To TakeDown Bill Cosby Fails! In Mistrial & Angry ZioJew Media Blames Dumb Black Goyim Conspiracy Theorists – by Cowboy


& Other Truthers & Conspiracy Theorists for their PsyOp Failing Despite Total ZioMedia Orchestrated Multipronged, All-Out Attack on Cosby with 50 to 60 mostly “has-been” Jewish Sayanim Actresses & black woman sayanim married to sayanim jews
(Anyway Replace White Racism with Jewish Racist Genocidal * Zionist Supremists & Then You’ve got It Right!) & It’s a reality not theory! The Zionist Jews & Talmudists want Blacks & Whites poor & overtaxed in debt to ZioBanksters paying for ZioWars & buying foreign slave labor goods from zioOwned plants in China & Government Jobs & contracts benefitting mostly zioJews & Blk & W’s at each others throats & To soon be in a RaceWar! Cosby is just Public Black Enemy Number 1!– To be destroyedv& all his wealth extracted through zioPsyOpTricks & zioTricks! The Kosher zioPigs ain’t done yet with Cosby & will try to salvage this massive PsyOp takedown of Cosby……

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