Ziotrash Jews @ US State Dept Claim: “Don’t Know How Hezbollah Got USA Tanks” Duh! Took ‘Em from Invading Isaeli IDF Killers in ’00 & Israel’s ISIS in ’13 when they Kicked their Judeac Racist Supremist @$$es!


by Cowboy

God Bless Hezbollah Patriot Volunteer Militia of Lebanon for courageously defying & beating the murderous Wahabists beasts & heathen paid terrorist mercenaries the Zionist hire & (USA & Saudi FUNDS) from Saudi & Turkey & Elsewhere! Despite ISIS & Al Queda’s overwhelming massive air, artillery & missile support from ZOG occupied USA, Zio Run Turkey, Zio run Saudi & Israhell!..Hezbollah keeps beating them & wiping them out by the dozens in human waves of ruthless killers like hordes of locusts eaten by a flock of birds! May Hezbollah train millions of Muslims & Christians & others to fight Satanic Babylon the Whore Israel’s Satanic Minions as Israel tries to set up Greater Israel & a new Babylon Tranny Goat Headed fake god worshipping World government & beast system!


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