Towering Inferno Benficiary Frank “Lucky” Lowy Bloodthirsty Zionist Is Knighted By ZioPuppet Queen In Celebration of Simulated Tower JRM “Holocaust” of Goyim to Moloch! & NextDoor Lowy Mall Kept Open!


by Cowboy

So Frank Lowy, who is the only man who will greatly profit off this Jewish Lightening Psychological Terror PsyOp, is Knighted as this PsyOp is in Full Operation! In your face dumb goyim! Since Frank Lowy owns a bunch of Westfields around the simulated “burnt offering” aka Holocaust tower!…

Commuter Rail Ridiculously closed
for no reason which would hurt victims needlessly & tremendously! & Yet Frank Lowy’s Mall & Restaurant stayed opened in full operation $$$!…

Lucky Lowy Like Lucky Larry Loves When Jewish Lightening $trikes Gold!

Only War is More Profitable & more beloved & cherish to the zionist & Talmudic jews!

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