SanFran/ Oakland Bay Bridge Cop Shooting Driver Is Clear Hoax! Accident & Fake Shooting 3:49AM Yet They closed All EastBound (to Oakland) Lanes @6:30 til’ 8!


by Cowboy

Total Hoax proven by the stupid nonsensical news Story DHS script!
1st they claim an accident involving multiple Eastbound lanes but no report of the accident. So you already know it’s a hoax! They would say a semi truck or two semis involved or multiple cars piled up or whatever. But no mention!
2ndly they claim & red Cadillac car tried to drive on the shoulder which doesn’t even exist in some places along the bridge..So if it were so they is still had no reason for cops redirecting traffic to shoot the driver for doing this unless he specifically tried to run someone over! And it was not a road block for a killer fugitive or something… A-holes from NJ & NYC & New England are always in San Francisco & LA & DC & Balto & Philly & around Cities all over USA & driving on…

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