London Towering Inferno Ridiculous Crisis ActWhore Claims Family Sent Video of Them Burning Up Just Before They Burned Alive! Sure!


by Cowboy

And this perfectly clean Lying Buffoon Let them burn alive without even trying to save them! He’s as perfectly clean as all the Fake Firemen who obviously never went in & never saved anyone! And Clearly the building was already mostly empty & cleared prior to this Jewish Lightening Insurance Scam & PsyOp when it it was set a blaze! Probably preset with Pyrotechnics & fuel to put on a massive blaze & ZioHollywood Theatrics show aka PsyOpTricks!

And why is this bum lying ActWhore wearing rubber gloves??? He did no rescue! No more than he cried, and no more than his Aunt & Cousins died!

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