Horrible Happy Hoaxster Crisus ActWhores @ London Tower Inferno PsyOp Jewish Lightening Scam & Psychological Terror Treason!


by Cowboy

This clown just breaks out laughing trying to read the ruduculous lines in the script BBC (Big Bull$h#t Corp) gave him to read:



So many Hoax ActWhore$ in this video! You think this was a real fire in a place with 600 people inside & people died?? Are there rocks in your head?? These clowns are acting like it’s a town festival with drinking outside or happy hour! Bused in Crisis Actors, and local lowlife getting paid to lie & reas scripts!


Black female Crisis Actwhore says “Fireman were going in saving people & some were coming out injured”…well we clearly now that is a horrendous lie since no firemen in any picture or video are dirty or dusty, much less are they injured since nobody went into that burning building which obviously set a fire by jewish lightening in this PsyOp!


Yes, yes…

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