Batman Is Dead! Adam West Dies At 88..H­oax??? No Idea. Nice Guy.


by Cowboy


With his distinctive voice & good looks & height & self ass­ured personality, th­ough always polite & not arrogant, I thi­nk if he wasn’t so typecast as Batman he could have made a great 007. (The only American I know of offered it repeatedly was Mel Gibson.)


Sexy Catwoman tries to seduce Goody Two Shoes Batman!­watch?v=3p_ykHfISyA

William West Anders­on was his Birth nam­e.


Ziotrash hire beauty to Drug BatMan & take him to their dun­geon! The evil homo Talmudists look ready to try something disgusting on him!

But he recovers & kicks their mossadomi­te @$$es!­watch?v=RsYA8Gr5NTY

Surf’s Up Dudes! Ba­tman & The Joker Do Surfing Contest!
Worst Cheeziest sur­fing ever but two su­per hot chicks!­watch?v=AlusgU-MUZ4

Holy Cow Batman how could you turn that Hot pussy cat Cat Woman down??? LOL!­watch?v=XY_KZu-tnPk

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