“Tulsa (Hoax) Time” Super Stop Shooting Double Knife Welding Black Killed By Cops RaceWar PsyOp! Proof No Bullets, no broke glass, no Holes! 300 Instant-Protesters!


by Cowboy

300 Blacks Protesting Same Day! Right! Watch Him Flop! The door is shut by him before he flops to the ground! A bullet would have to go thru the heavy tempered glass door & shatter it, or mak a hole, etc! No bullet hit it at all! Were evil cops waiting from infide to shoot him??? No!! LMAO! No one shot him! And he obvious was unshot as he entered the door and shut it! Total hoax! Race war Hoax with BLM zioDHS & ADL paid activists & Crisis Actors were preplanned & organized to protest & quickly call up other Unknowing naive BLM & church members to protest this (hoax) injustice!


Ex1b) Tulsa Super Stop DHS RACEWAR Agenda Hoax Shooting Instantly Released 911 Calls

You know it is a hoax when they instantly release the 911 calls!


Ex2) Tulsa, OK, Staged Protests for Staged Zio…

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