PA Weiss Store Massacre Zionist Jew Actor/Animator/Film Maker Fake Dead Randy Stair aka Andrew Blaze Fake Kills 3 Did “Westboro’ High Masscre” &ColumbineFan


by Cowboy…

He is obsessed with killing innocent people (goyim) like a typical anarchist, AntiChrist Obsessed Ziotrash jew!…

His Animated West Borough High Massacre Animated Folm he released in Conjunction/timed with his DHS paid PsyOp Msssacre at Zionist Jew Owned Weiss Markets Grocery Store in Rural PA Town!

Another Youtuber friend of his posts news storoes about his massacre (PsyOp).

Here is this Crisis Actor Randy Stair aka Andrew Blaze Fraudster telling you about his (failure) youtube channel & previous channel & his animated film making.

Despicable Ziotrash Jew Fraudster Bragging About his new Shotgun & how he is going to kill himself with it in a few months.. Predictively programming the fake massacre subliminally by talking about his heroes fellow Zionist jew Actwhores Eric Harris & Kevin Klebold:

In Video above he excitedly calls the upcoming event “his ticket out of here presumably…

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