Israel Attacks The USS Liberty In International Waters


June 8, 1967

Deanna Spingola Interviews J. B. Campbell (Audio 1:08:18)

Operation Cyanide, LBJ’s Jewish Handlers, And How Russia Saved The Liberty

The Most Diabolical Secret In Washington Is That America Sent The USS Liberty To Be Sunk. ‘The Blackmail Weapon That Israel Uses Against America.’

Israel’s ‘Knife In The Back’ Attack Against America

by Phillip Tourney

Here is the text of the open letter by Phillip Tourney, President of the USS Liberty Veterans Association, published in a full-page advertisement in the daily Washington Times, June 6, 2002.

Saturday, June 8, 2002 marks the 35th anniversary of probably the most shameful day in American history. That day America’s banner and honor were treacherously trashed by our so-called ally, Israel. Thirty-four Americans were brutally slaughtered, 172 wounded, including myself. America’s most sophisticated intelligence ship was so badly damaged it had to be scrapped. Israel deliberately attacked America’s virtually unarmed USS…

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