Costumes & Culture in ZOG. By Cowboy


Reverse Trannized Miley Cyrus, Boobs & Hips Removed! Tranny Boy FreakShow TransGenderFagAgenda & Concert w Fake P#nis & Breasts!

Wears Fake Breast & P#nis! @ Concert full of kids!…

Miley Cyrus Looking like a relatively normal Female In 2011 @ age 19:…

They seem to make her Breasts very small by deflated the silicone or whatever during concerts or concert tours & Her hips are made very narrow thru overexercise & removal of fat in her hips, etc, to look very unsexy, very boyish & very butchy hair & facial look.

This is all done to confuse of her children fans on sexuality & sex & take away the difference between men & women to them.

This is complete Zionist Jew, Talmudic Psychological Warfare against the Hated Goyim Children!

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