Dundalk Baltimore Co. Police Stage ShootOut @ Bus Stop PsyOp, “They Made Us Get Off The Bus” so they could have a ShootOut!


by Cowboy

So the Crisis ActWhore Cameraman Admits Cops Stopped A Bus & Made Everyone Get Out & then the Eeevile Armed Robber got On the Bus & Had A ShootOut With The Same Cops!

So if you believe this ShootOut was real you are dumber than a barrel of Doorknobs! Wake the hell up! & Don’t be a Dumb zioMedia & ZioHollywood Programmed Brainwashed Goyim!


Ex1b) Dundalk Baltimore County Ridiculous DHS Cri$i$ Actwhore Claims She could hear & feel bullets Weezing past her head!


Ex1c)Dundalk Baltimore Co. Staged ShootOut PsyOp
“The Devil Went Down To Dundalk!”


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