Ziotrash Jew Run Youtube Bans Truthers TrustOneNews & Peekay For Proving London Bridge #2 Hoax &Manchester Fake Gore & More & Fighting Back!


by Cowboy

But if you show real murders that’s okay! Or if you say fake murders & terror are real that’s fine! But truth is not allowed! Zionist Warmongering & hatemongering & fear must propagated through treason zionist Jew & Govt Hoaxes & Psychological Terror & Ziontrash Google & Youtube & Facebook will not tolerate truth exposing zionist lies & deception! They especially want Syria & it’s people exterminated as soon as possible!


Ex2) Truther “Side Thorn” goes to Google Fiber to Protest Google/ Youtube Banning Of TrustOneNews & Peekay Truth & Makes Fun Of Earlier Jonestein PsyOp There!


(When I say “Protest” I mean to physically show up & peacefully inform google of his & the public’s disapproval of Google & their Youtube’s antiFree Speech & anti Truth actions.) *Jonestein is Alex Jones

Ex3) Youtube Bans->Peekay Truth Hit With Termination From ZioTrash Youtube For Old Video of…

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