Iowa Hit List To Murder Iowa Governor ActWhore Fat Zio Jew Richard Gallow, FL, 59,Is Played By Actor, Muscian, & Radio Engineer Richard Gallow, FL,59! PysOp!


by Cowboy

Same Zio Jew Actor, Same face, Only Richard Gallow In Florida! He is in charge of all radio Broadcasting Engineering for Zionist Jew owned Beasley Media Radio Stations in SW Florida! His side jobs are acting, playing guitar & as Crisis Actor…He merely un-dyes his gray white hair & takes off his glasses for the role as a death threating evil goyim Gun Owner Crisis Actor for DHS! The agenda is police state too & pro-child-snatchin-CPS criminals (child protective services) who he also threatened to murder on this PsyOp!…

Here as Richard Gallow Radio Broadcast Engineer “day job”:…

Here as crazed white man, goyim, Iowa Hit list murder author Richard Gallow (& They used a wide angle lense or phoshop to photoshape his head to look a little fatter):…

His facebook showing he is a musician on the side & wanna’ be actor!


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