​”Sky Criminals” By Chuck Norris On Chemtrail- One of the Best Proof Articles I’ve Seen On Chemtrails!


by Cowboy

I don’t know who helped Chuck Norris put this article together but it is Excellent! & WorldNetDaily is a Zionist Puppet Disgrace by Ziopuppet Fake Christian Lebanese Traitor Zionist Joe Farrah. I once sent this ziotrash whore Farrah a long email attacking his zionist shillary and treason against his fellow Lebanese & demanding he remove me from his email list which he did! But regardless it’s a great article.


Sadly I can’t any audio or video interview of Chuck Norris talking about Chemtrails!


Also I did a Radio show as a guest host in Farrah’s place in the late 1990’s & his female co-host kicked me off half way through the show but the callers liked me! Lol! I think maybe he called & told her to boot me! They kept calling-in defending me but I can’t even remember exactly what I was talking about!

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