Ziotrash Jewess Actwhore Kathy Griffin Beheads Trump & Now Trump Claims Son Thought It Was Real Watching TV with Jewess mom Actwhore Melania!


by Cowboy

Sure he did & he thinks rainbow colored unicorns are real too!

All the Trumped-Up ZioTrash Puppets join the Hoax like good zioPuppets for the Psychopath Zionist Jews!
Trump knows to jump when his ziotrash owners say jump! Act-whore you wifey & son out to the ziotrash anytime the give you a script like crackwhores you pig!
Trumpowicz the hoax President Crisis Actwhore for zio $$$ $hekels!


Using ZioPsyOptricks to Divide & Conquer the increasingly dumb goyim one ridiculous hoax at a time!!


Ziotrash Actwhore Jewess Melanie does her ridiculous hollywood script on Trumps Beheading by fellow Jewess Actwhore Kathy Khazar Griffin


You have to admit Ziotrash Jew Actwhore Kathy Griffin’s Beheading of Trumpowicz does look a hundred times more Realistic than Ziotrash Jew Rita Katzslime’s ISIS CRISIS Actors’ fake beheadings!


Ofcourse to be honest this beastly psychopath zionist, kabbalist, talmudist goyim-hater swine Kathy…

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