Portland Fake Train Stabbing Victim & Zionist Jew DHS crisis Actor Hero Micah Fletcher is Aaron Fletcher of Portland & OSU!


by Cowboy:

Absolute Proof! Busted! Busted You Ziotrash Traitor Goyim-hating Bloodthirsty Hatemonger Mossad Scum! Aaron Meche of Oregon State & Portland:


Same despicable Fraudster Traitor Zionist Mossad Enemy Agent As Supposed Micah Fletcher:


This Zionist Jew Traitor’s Facebook as Aaron Meche showing he works at OSU AKA Oregon State University:
Zionist Mossad Trash Fraud Crisis Actor Micah Fletcher aka Aaron Meche Doing Some acting reading poetry:

This being the same Zionist Traitor Sayanim is undeniable! He’ll keep his new shell job at Oregon State while working for a zionist foundation & front groups to steal American’s rights & free speech under the disguise of fighting hate speech & hate crimes aka thought Crimes!

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