All Aboard AMTRAK (Ozzy) Crazy Train Killing! Fed Agent Crisis Actwhore ZioJew Edward Klein, 79 Kills Train Conductor! Hoax 88,33,44, 88 77 Coded Hoax!


by Cowboy

Old Retired Sayanim Jew Federal Agent Ed Klein playing his last role as a Crisis Actwhore getting Paid $$$! Serving the zionist Gun Confiscation Agenda of Treason against the hated goyim American people! Then it’s Palm Beach!

Ozzy & Randy Roads & Black Sabbath do the official theme song of this ziotrash Jew, zioHollywood orchested Crazy Train murder hoax:…

Rot in hell you treasonous old bastard fraudster!…

The hoax, staged shooting happened at 4:45 pm to get 44 & 5 aka 49 aka 77 Order out of Chaos hoax code! lol Then the story at the end says 77 million people travel on AMTRAK to reiterate it!

Also the old zios name is 88 coded..etc He hoax kills a conductor who is 45 for a 4&5 is 9 aka 33

Mamma’s not falling for this killing!

Just can’t kill the old battle Ax even…

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