Richardson (Dallas TX Area) Road Rage Shooting Hoax ZioMasonic 777, 33, 666 & 66 Coded & Fake Bullet Holes! Busted!


by Cowboy

In the ZioNBC News Coded DHS Hoax PsyOp Story:

“A man killed in…road rage shooting in Richardson Thursday morning has been identified as 27-year-old Robert Klikus….shooting took place on southbound U.S. 75… So we have a 2 & a 7& a 7& a 5…aka 7,7 & 2 +5 is another 7 for a 777.

Also 27 is like 999 aka 666 upside down.

Arapaho & going East on West Arapaho is mentioned representing doing things backwards & duality Going East on West Arapaho…

Arapahoin jewish gematria 210 aka 21 aka 777
Arapahoin English Gematria Equals:360 aka 36 aka 66 aka dual 666 & 666
Arapahoin Simple Gematria Equals:60 aka 6 aka 33…

This picture shows the staged fakery Supposed a man was killed with these supposed shoots to the driver side window…Problem is the created holes (damage) do not even go thru the window! These were created…

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