Race 1st -Black Leader Tony Martin -Even Wiser Than I Thought! Tony discovered what Marcus Garvey Knew: Enemy of Blacks Was Integration & Zionist Jews!


by Cowboy

Ok this is a amazing speech! And this black/Negro Leader of the Early 20th Century Marcus Garvey was truly a great & wise & industrious black man who knew that the interest of his own race must be put first, and done by it’s own black people especially with it’s underachieving & problems, etc., for it to succeed and improve their conditions & lives & he knew jews pushed Integration (Just like mass immigration) & it was not the solution but the opposite & just a way of giving blacks a screwed-up wrong solution also designed by the jewish supremist against the whites & America & the world to destroy all races & cultures & keep them down beneath the self chosen psychopaths! & Serving them ever increasing taxes as serfs & slaves by treachery thru debt, regulations, zio jewish media & Hollywood & literature pushed vices, perverted…

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