Zionist Jew Billionaire Boston Celtics Owner & Director! & Wife ADL Chair Played “Pink Lady” -Busted Crisis Actwhores In Boston Smoke Bomb Terror!


by Cowboy

Despicable Zionist Israeli ADL Mossad Israeli Goyim-Hating ZioTrash Supremist Jews Esta & Bob Epstein Crisis Acted in Boston Marathon Treason Psychological Warfare Terror Attack Against the American People!

ADL National Education Chairman Esta Epstein & her Billionaire Zionist Jew husband Boston Celtics Part Owner & Managing Director Bob Epstein:


She is probably not the only woman who played the “lady in Pink” PsyOp Charactor at The Boston Marathon Operation but they also used the Bump woman & another double it apears for Pink Lady with Hoax Hair Spray bombed Hair! However it was certainly Esta & Bob near Marathon finishline near 666 Boyston! Also I believe this Bump woman is likely her younger sister or an older secret daughter maybe who she had very young before marriage..

This is her & Bob Crisis acting at Boston!






I discovered her…

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