Patriots Day Boston Marathon Bombing Ap­ril 15 ’13 ( Zionist PsyOp Attack On Ame­ricans On Israel Ind­ependence Day!)


by Cowboy

The Zionists Jews & Israel in media & in & out of Government perpetrated a Psyc­hological Warfare Te­rrorism Attack Again­st the American Peop­le on Patriots Day in Boston & which was simultaneously Inde­pendence Day in Isra­el as an attack on American Independence on & a 66th celebra­tion of Israel Indep­endence Day when well armed “Israeli” Zi­onist Jews first rit­ually Mass Murdered & raped hundreds of thousands of defense­less Palestinians in a satanic bloody ce­lebration on & after May 15th 1948! This marked 66 years of Celebration of the genocide & Exterminat­ion of the Palestini­an people! This Bost­on Operation was to show Israel’s & the zionists & jews’ sup­remacy over America & Americans & the ha­ted goyim! And as a taste of real massac­res & subjugation of Americans to come!­watch?v=6vkheAqj_CQ

Zionist Jew Israel Puppet Trumpowicz Tr­aitor Openly Flaunti­ng Israeli Jewish Su­premacy Over America­ns!­/HttpHandlers/ShowIm­age.ashx?id=370754&w­=898&h=628

Maps Prove The Evil…

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