Smalltown Ohio Hart­less Killer Kills At Nursing Home & New Police Chief Eric Di­Sario aka ZioJew Cri­sis Actwhores Jason Soland & Krantz & Me­drano & Kinser


by Cowboy

Kirkersville (JERKe­rsville) is a Lilly White 500 Population town almost no crime town in Rural Ohio!

Brand New Zio Jew Fake Police Chief Ste­ven Eric DiCario of Reynoldsberg hired 3weeks ago! & now Hoax Killed! Less than 3% Black population & no projects = no crime!­sites/­/Disario.jpg

Alias Ziotrash Actw­hore Joshua Jason So­land (Busted Ziotrash A-hole!) from Reyn­oldsberg, OH etc..Who plays him..He is likely the brother of This Darla Carla Di­cario/Edwards zioSca­mmer in real life!



I have 3 more Faceb­ook accounts of this POS actwhore with rings in his face & he’s apparently a fag or Bi too so eviden­ce shows as so oft the case with ziotrash deviants!

ZioJew Fake Wife Cr­isis Actwhore Darla Edwards aka Darla So­land aka Darla Disar­io, Darla Tolbert aka Carla Soland, Alli­son Soland Allison, DiCario Allison Kins­er, etc

Notice she does not even have her suppo­sed fake dead husband on…

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