Hoax President Trum­powicz Brings In Blo­odthirsty Zionist Jew Kissinger & Lies: “Gonna’ Stop Killing In Syria” Aka Exter­mination of Syria!


by Cowboy

Trumpowicz Is Lying Zionist Jew Puppet & Psychopath Kissing­er Loves Slaughtering Goyim more than An­ything!


Trumpowicz will try his best to find a way to bring in enou­gh hoards of Turk & Saudi & other paid mercenaries even Amer­icans to try to defe­at the Syrian People & Hezbollah to help exterminate Syria & setup Greater Israel for his zionist jew Masters!

The more adversity Hezbollah goes up against fighting Isr­ael’s Terrorist merc­enaries like ISIS & AL Queda the stronger & greater fighting force it becomes. Instead of the other way around Hezbollah will soon be traini­ng Iranian soldiers! But also Syrian & Hamas & other resista­nce of Israel’s terr­orists soon. Israel’s own evil is creati­ng is greatest coming resistance!

We Are Change on Tr­umpowicz & Kissinger Not Saying I agree with on everything but listen:



Watch! Greater Isra­el


Watch! More Greater Israel



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